Professional Construction Consultancy Services to cover our clients’ needs providing extra value to their project.


Profile will advise the client during the preconstruction and construction stage, providing the strategy to complete the project in the time, cost and quality required. Profile will manage the complete construction team making sure that all team has the necessary tools to successfully complete the project.


Our qualified team can provide you with a cost control of your project, monitoring and advising during the procurement and during the construction stage, also valuing and mitigating any risks that may arise during the process and controlling the changes that may occur up to the completion of the project.


We will do a follow up on your project based in a previous Feasibility Report, monitoring each step to ensure that it complies with the necessary requirements to finalise it as required by the client, minimizing risk by applying the knowledge and tools of our professional team.


Profile can provide a full suite of Construction Planning services for all Contract Forms. This includes pre-qual and tender pre-construction : design: procurement; full construction, including substructure, superstructure, envelope, fit out plus commissioning; as well as FF&E and close out programmes. Our programmes are developed so they are suitable for Critical Path Analysis (CPA), which allows us to provide progress monitoring and report writing support services, as well as extension of time services if required.


Taking action to make sure a project succeeds – monitoring, auditing and rescuing projects that are not going as planned. To ensure the best results from projects it is vital to monitor progress and quality against agreed criteria. Profile can help ensure delivery to brief, budget and timescale, either on an ongoing or snapshot basis. If a project is failing to meet expectations, Profile’s rescue package will identify why there is a shortfall and propose a strategy to realign a project and mitigate any damaging impacts.


Keeping track of time, cost, and quality objectives and alerts the project team to any potential problems before they cause actual impacts. It will provides to the PM with an exhaustive follow up of the different stage of the project. The Project Control can be used during the design period or during the construction.


Profile works with a tool called Aconex that provides the project with full control of the drawings and project documentation, always having the latest version of the project accessible to all members instantly and without losing the history of the different stage of the project.


Profile can support the client with the first part of any Dispute Resolution allowing for a quick resolve. Whether opting for Adjudication for a quicker resolve, Arbitration or Litigation, Profile can advise and support the client with the most appropriate methodolgy through various avenues such as project planning, critical path and forensic analysis of retrospective data to solidify their position.

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